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Eastern Carpet & Rug cleaning

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Don't hire Eastern because we'll clean your carpets from only $38 Per Room. Hire us because your carpet can't get any cleaner than Eastern Clean.

Eastern Carpet & Rug Cleaning | Northern NJ



3 RoomS $150 (ONLY $50 PER ROOM)
5 RoomS $199 (ONLY $39.80 PER ROOM)
7 RoomS $266 (ONLY $38 PER ROOM)
  • Substitute a hall for a room in any special
  • Add stairs to any special for $3.50 per stair
  • Add upholstery cleaning of sofa and loveseat to any special for $99 (normally $165)
  • Add duct cleaning to any special for $325 (normally $450)
  • Add dryer vent cleaning to any special for $99 (normally $125)


We understand all of the wear and tear your carpet is exposed to on a daily basis. Our process ensures that after our technicians walk out the door, you will be left with a germ-free, deep down clean.

We are able to guarantee you will have the cleanest carpets possible because of the cleaning process we use. We also guarantee this process is 100% safe for any type of carpeting including synthetic color-fast and stain resistant carpets. Our cleaning process occurs in 4 easy steps.

Eastern clearing furniture

1 - Clear Treatment Area: The first step before we do any cleaning is for our technicians to remove any furniture or other objects in the room being treated. There is virtually no prep needed on the customers end before we arrive. Our technicians will move any furniture they feel is in the way & and often times they can clean under and around certain pieces of heavy or delicate furniture. All you need to do is make sure the floor is somewhat clear of toys and any other small objects lying around.

Eastern Carpet applying liquid

2 - Apply Pre-Treat Cleanser: Our technicians will pre-treat your carpet using a special cleansing detergent. The purpose of this cleanser is to loosen the dirt from the carpet fibers to allow for a clean deep down to the base of the carpet. This special cleanser is completely safe for all carpet types and colors, and is not harmful for your pets or children.

Eastern Carpet truck with cleaner

3 - High Heat Extraction: Next we'll use a process known as high heat extraction The key to this process that really ensures the purest and most hygenic clean is the equipment we use in our truck mounted system. The components of this system include high pressure pumps, heating units that reach very high temperatures, a solution and recovery tank, and a vacuum with a multi-stage motor. First hot water and steam is pumped deep into your carpet. The high pressure pumps pushes the dirt deep down into the base of the carpet fibers, and the hot water and steam sanitizes. The special cleansing detergents (already applied in step 2) soften the water & steam allowing it to encapsulate the dirt. Soil, dust, and allergens are held in suspension so they can easily be extracted. Next we use the solution & recovery tank and vacuum with multi stage motor. This high powered vacuum system extracts the water, detergent, and dirt that has weaseled its way deep down into your carpet. The vacuum is so strong that almost all the moisture in the carpet is removed during this process. You can immediately walk on it in your bare feet - just wait a few hours for it to completely dry before you walk on the carpet with your shoes on.

Eastern living room

4 - Return Furniture & Other Items Into Room: Once the cleaning process is completed our technicians will return all your furniture and other objects back into the room exactly where they were originally positioned. Your carpet will look cleaner, smell cleaner, and have less germs, dust and allergens than ever before!

Resoiling Guarantee

Resoiling occurs when the carpet becomes visibly dirty more quickly than it should after it is cleaned. It is caused because soap residue is left on the carpet which attracts dirt.

Our process leaves near-zero residue on your carpet, which minimizes the risks of resoiling.

In fact, we guarantee it- If you experience resoiling, we will send a technician to come back and re-clean the resoiled area at absolutely no charge to you.

What do you need to do? Pick up the phone and schedule a time that is convenient for you.

How do you prepare the room for carpet cleaning?

Call us. We do it all. 2 technicians will arrive at your home. They will move any furniture that needs to be moved. When they are finished they will even put it back. Your home is right back to normal.

The carpet will dry will really quickly too. Our machine is powerful so it extracts most of the moisture. You'll be able to walk on it within a few hours.

Trust Eastern with the care and cleaning of your carpets.

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