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The air quality inside your home depends on clean duct passages. The air that passes through the ducts is the same air that is circulated throughout your home.

Air Duct Cleaning

When your ducts are properly maintained you may notice:


  • Sweeping floors less often
  • Dusting less often
  • Less nasal congestion and sinus problems
  • Lessening of allergies
  • Fresher smelling air inside your home
  • Eastern will also inspect your entire duct work system to ensure there are no leaks or problems in your system.

Problems with your ductwork can result in:

Cut your costs down

  • Loss of comfort - not as cool in summer, not as warm in winter
  • Higher energy bills
  • Less air flow from vents
  • Backdrafting - Gas appliances, water heaters, furnaces may all vent gases like carbon monoxide through the duct system. Leaks can be dangerous.If a leak is detected or the system is not working properly, we will go through a process known as Duct Sealing. Eastern will inspect and clean the entire duct system including attics, garages, and crawl spaces. We will evaluate the system's supply and return air flow. Next, we will clean and repair damaged or disconnected ducts and seal all leaks.



Add any of the following services to Your Air Duct Cleaning service and save!

  • Add dryer vent cleaning for $75 (Normally $125)
  • Add Upholstery Cleaning of Sofa and Love Seat for only $99 (Normally $165)
  • Add upholstery cleaning of sofa and loveseat to any special for $99.(normally $155)
  • Add Upholstery Cleaning of Sectional for only $99 (normally $450)
  • Add carpet cleaning for only $38 per room. (1 Room = $250 square feet)

You will enjoy higher air quality in your home, better thermal comfort and save money.

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