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To remove every type of carpet stain, you first need to determine what type of stain it is.Typically carpet stains fall into 4 categories:

Pet stain removal

  1. Water based and protein stains - These are typically water soluble stains like spilled milk, beer, cola, oil based salad dressing, chocolate, coffee, tea, latex paint, washable ink, and latex paint. Pet urine and excrement fall into this category as well.
  2. Oil based stains - These include butter, oil from your car, crayons, tar, lipstick and glue.
  3. Juice and dye stains - These may fall into the water based category except that it is sometimes difficult to know what what type of dye a manufacturer used which can result in a permanent stain if action is not taken quickly.
  4. Unknown - There is a spot on the carpet. You don't know how it got there or how old it is.

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Some of these stains can be very difficult to get out yourself. The first reason for this is that the cleaning products needed to get out many of these stains are simply not available to consumers, only to professional carpet cleaners.

The second reason you might not want to try to get it out yourself is because you don't want to ruin the carpet!

Carpet stain removal begins by understanding the carpet manufacturer's warranty and/or how that carpet was made.

At Eastern, we know each combination of stain and carpet require a different solution. And typically there is one correct solution in each situation. We'll never your put your carpet risk.

The Unknown Stain

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When the stain is unknown, we can often get rid of it completely.  The way we do it is to go through a progressive series of treatments. We can find out what type of stain it is by the treatment that gets it out. Each step that doesn't remove the stain, tells us a little more about what it might be. Pretty quickly we will find the treatment that works in most cases. And of course in each step, we stay within the carpet manufacturer's warranty.

If you have a carpet stain that can't be removed, we'll tell you right up front. And because this would be done as part of a free estimate, there would be no charge to you. We've taken the risk out of carpet stain removal.

Call Eastern now and bring your carpet back to new...

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